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Domain of the website

The use of this website as well as any of the services imply reading, understanding and acceptance of the previous legal notice by the user.

In compliance with Law 34/2002 of July 11, of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI), reporting on the following legal issues:

The company in charge of this website: 040 Ceramics S.L
Address: Ctra. Vila- real a Onda VV20, Km.3. 12450 Vila.real Castellón.
E-mail contact: info@cerocuarenta.es
Phone number: 652726969
Tax data: ESB12854709
Commercial register: Volume 1553, Book 1115, Page 125, Section 8, Sheet CS- 32617

Previous conditions

The existing legal conditions regulate the permitted legal use from this website, whose legal responsibility lays in 040 Ceramica S.L. This general conditions regulate the access and use that the owner of the web makes available to internet users. The access it, involves its acceptance unqualified.  It is understood by the user to the person that accesses, navigate, use or participates in the services and or from the web activities. 

The very use of the web, as well as demanding information or issue an order assume the full acceptance of the present conditions. 

Use of the website

The user undertakes to use the website, services and content of it in accodance to the Law, current Legal notice, good habits and law enforcement.

Likewise, the user undertakes to use them in a diligent, correct and licit form and not contrary to the content of the existing Legal Notice. In particular committees to refrain to remove, avoid, or manipulate the Copyright and other identity data of the right of their owners incorporated to the contents, as well as the technical disposal of protection or whatever information’s mechanisms may contain. 

Is expressly prohibited to make adverse actions to the interests or the right of third parties that in any other way can damage, disable, or deteriorate the web, services or to prevent a standard enjoyment of the website by other uses. 

The user compromises to not hamper the access to other user access throughout a mass consumption of the informatics resources whereby 040 Ceramica S.L provides the service, as well as doing actions that damage, disrupt or generate errors in the systems or services.

The user compromises to not introduce programs, virus, macros or Active X controls or any other logic mechanism or character sequence which can cause or be liable to provoke any kind of alteration in the informatics systems of 040 Ceramica S.L or third parties.

The user compromises to not obtain information, messages graphics, drawings, audio or image files, photographs recordings, software or any kind of material accesible through the website or the services offered in it.

It is understood that the access or use of the website through the user implies his consent in the Legal Notice that 040 Ceramica S.L had published in the moment of the access, whom will be always available for the users. 

The user compromises to make an appropriate use of the contents and services (such as the comments, opinion forum or pages open to the readers) that 040 Ceramica S.L. offers in its website and not to use them to incur in illegal activities or opposite to good will and to the legal code; spread contents or propaganda racist, xenophobic, pornographic- illegal, glorification of terrorism or against human rights.

Access to the website or passwords

Some of the services or contents offered by 040 Ceramica S.L can be bounded to a previous contracting of the service and payment of an amount of money requested in the form in the General Terms and Conditions, which will be to the users disposition in a clear way. 

The access and navigation in this website don’t specify the users registration, consequently there’s not personal information collected except for the ones specified in the cookies policy or that the user supplies through a contact form or similars in the website, in which case the data will be treated and stored in the conditions specified in the cookies or privacy policy as applicable. 

Underage users

The contract of products or services through the website by underage users is prohibited, having to obtain duly and beforehand the consent of his parents or guardian or legal representative, who remain responsible of the actions that the underage users may do. 

Change of the conditions of the Legal Notice

040 Ceramica S.L. can be the only one to modificative this Legal Notice. The user recognize and accepts that is his responsibility to check the website and Legal Notice of it. 

Guarantee an Limitation of Liability

040 Ceramica S.L. compromises to realize the best efforts to guarantee any error that can appear in the website. In any case, 040 Ceramica S.L will be extempore of any responsibility resulted from an eventual error in the contents that can appear in the website, whenever that do not correspond to the company. 

040 Ceramica S.L. do not guarantee that the website and web server are free from virus and is not responsible for the data or damage that can lead to interferences, omissions, interruptions, informatics virus, telephone fault or disconnection of the operational functioning in this electronic system driven by an outside cause to 040 Ceramica S.L., by delay or lock in the use of electronic systems caused by deficiency of the telephonic line or overload in the Internet system or other electronic system, as well as data that can also be caused by third parties throughout illegitimates interference uncontrollable by 040 Ceramica S.L. 

Intelectual and industrial property

Every commercial name, companies or signs of any kind of contents in the websites of the company are property of the owners and are protected by law.

All the rights of the intelectual and industrial property of the website http://www.cerocuarenta.es and its content (texts, images, sound and audio files, video, designs, creativities, software) belong, as author of the collective project or as transferee to 040 Ceramica S.L., or in its case, to third parties. 

Public reproduction, distribution and communication are expressly prohibited, including the modality of putting to disposition, from the totality or part of the contents of this website, with commercial purposes, in any support or technical mode, without the authorization of 040 Ceramica S.L. The user undertakes to respect the intelectual and industrial property of 040 Ceramica S.L and third parties. 

As planned in the article 32.1 of the consolidated text of the Intelectual Property Law, 040 Ceramica S.L.,  is expressly opposed to the use of the utilization of any contents of web site with the purpose of transact in other telematic media or in paper format with commercial purposes without the previous authorization of 040 Ceramica S.L. 

The user can display every element, printed, copied and storaged in the hard drive of his computer or in any other physic support, provided that unique and exclusively to his personal and private use thus leaving strictly prohibited to its use with commercial purposes, distribution, as well as its modification, alteration and decompilation.

040 Ceramica S.L. provides the access to every kind of information, services, programs and Internet data, that can belong to third parties, in which case 040 Ceramica S.L: is not responsible of that content or other claims that can derivate from quality, viability, accuracy or correction of them. 

Responsibility for links

The web site doesn’t provide of links or hyperlinks of third parties. 

Personal data protection

040 Ceramica S.L. adopt technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the data protection of personal character and to avoid them being altered, loss, treatment, and the not access, in view of the current state of the technique, the nature of the data saved and the risks which are exposed, all of this, in accordance with the stabilized in the Spanish legislation of the data protection of personal character. 

The user can remit to 040 Ceramica S.L. his data of personal character through the different forms that appear in the web. Those forms incorporate a legal text in protection of the materia of personal data that implements to the requirement stablished in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, personal data protection and development regulation, approved by the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21. 

We ask you to read carefully the legal texts before facilitating your personal data. 

Liability exclusion

040 Ceramica S.L. accepts not responsible from the loss or damage that can be made to the user or eventual visitor of every service, as well as will not either responsible of the problems arisen from the lack of interactivity between users and visitors, in this situations. 

Applicable law and jurisdiction

All the issues that arouse between 040 Ceramica S.L. and the user relative to interpretation, compliance, and validity of the present Legal Notice will operate by its own clauses, in which was not expected, in accordance with the Spanish legislation, submitting expressly the parties to the jurisdiction of the court and tribunal of the address of 040 Ceramica S.L.