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Cookies are little files that websites, online stores, intranets, online platforms and similars store in the users navigator that visit them and result necessary to aport to the web navigation countless advantages in the delivery of interactive services.

The next information of the possible types of cookies help to understand better the functions that make it possible:

Session cookies: are temporal cookies that remain in the cookies space of his system, until the navigator is close, consequently, there is not any cookie that remains registered in the users’s disk. The information obtained by means of these cookies make possible the operative management of every person who is accessing at the same time to the website.

Persistent cookies: cookies remain stockpiled in the cookies space of the system, once closed the navigator, that will consult each site the next time that the user accedes to it to remember information which facilitate the navigation (to accede directly to the service without having to login) or the delivery of a comercial service (offer those products or related services with previous visits).

The cookies exchanged in a website can be:

Origin or proper cookies: cookies are generated by the website in which the user is navigating.

Cookies from third parties: these cookies receive this name by navigating in a website, but they have been generated by a third party that is hosting in the same website. For instance, a cookie used by an advert or publicity banner that is hosting in the website the user is visiting. Another example can be a cookie used by a counter of visits hired by the website the user is visiting.

Cookies can be used for:

Technical purposes: also named “strictly necessary”. They allow the user to navigate through a website, platform or application and use of the different options and services that exist in it as, for example, control the traffic and data communication, identify the session, accede to the registered access parts, remember the elements that integrate an order, make the purchase of an order, make a request of registration or participation to an event, use security elements during the navigation, store contents to the video or sound diffusion or share contents through the social networks.

Personalization: they make possible that every user can configure aspects as the language in which wants to navigate in the website, visualization formats, etc.

Analysis or performance: permit to mensure the number of visits and navigate criterion in different areas of the web, application or platform, in order to introduce improvements according to the analysis of the use of data gather that the users make to this service.

Advertising: permit to implement efficiency parameters in the advertising offered in the websites.

Comportamental advertising: permit to implement efficiency parameters in the advertising offered in the websites, based in information about the behavior of the users obtained through the continued of its navigation which permits to develop a specific profile to show a publicity in function of the same.


Name Manager Domain Supplier Duration Purpose Exempt
_icl_current_language Own Persistent (1 día) of personalization of the user’s interphase  Yes
wordpress_logged_in_xxxxxxx Own Session of authenticity or identification of the user Yes
wordpress_xxxxxxx Own Session of authenticity or identification of the user Yes




Some people prefer to not habilitate the cookies. This is the motive for which the majority of the browsers offer the possibility to administrate cookies that are adequate for the user. 

In some browsers the user can configure rules to administrate cookies in the site, which offers a control more precise about the privacy. 

Then, we indicate how to realize this configuration in different browsers:

– Internet Explorer:

– Google Chrome:

– Firefox:

– Safari:    Menu Safari > Preferences. Privacy- details. Select the website that store cookies and press eliminate or press eliminate all to delete all the cookies.