Cerocuarenta refers to our location. It comes from the geographical coordinates 40 °N – 0ºO, marking the exact location of the province of Castellon (Spain). This meridian is the point from which the lengths are located and corresponds with an imaginary line that connects the poles. This confluence is where our company stands  and where nearly all the Spanish ceramic production is gathered. The area of Castellon (Spain) along with Modena (Italy) are the European benchmark in terms of quality, technology and ceramic design.

We are a Spanish company whose key principle is innovation. For us the most important thing is to offer solutions adapted to the present, but also looking ahead to be able to anticipate what is to come in the ceramic sector. Our team consists of a multidisciplinary group of Spanish experts that efficiently combines creativity and experience. Among our team we have young professionals from the world of architecture, advertising and design; but also a group of engineers and specialists in management, production and international marketing with an extensive and successful experience in the world of ceramics.

We all share a common goal: to create a ceramic product that meets and satisfies the needs of the most demanding residential and commercial architecture. High quality ceramic with a creative and contemporary look, in order to get the best project able to respond the demands and needs of our customers.


Cerocuarenta has placed its first official showroom at the heart of the ceramics commercial core in Tehran, in the centric street of Shiraz. From this privileged location, and thanks to the welcoming and ample area of almost 300 square metres this showroom boasts, Cerocuarenta offers a relevant and stimulating experience, in a unique atelier equipped with both exposition space and a creative area aimed to respond to architects and designers in order to boost an understanding of the products, to develop and to satisfy the particular needs of each one of their projects.

Throughout the whole of this showroom the visitors will be able to get a full taste of Cerocuarenta’s “savoir-faire” and its core design values, which build up to truly infuse a genuine, original, European, contemporary, fresh and timeless style. Hence, visiting this space is the perfect opportunity to experience, see, touch and feel the wide range of details, colours, hues, shadows and textures that the firm’s products offer according to its know-how, its dedication and its philosophy.